najstarszy lakier do paznokci w mojej kolekcji

I want to invite the nail polish bloggers for new challenge:
Find and show on the blog the oldest nail polish in Your collection!

It’s educational challenge. We – I mean the nail polish lovers – know that the nail polishes even after many, many years are good for painting. Doesn’t matter that producer says something else. The nail polishes are perfect to use long time after expired date marked by manufacturer. But many, non nail polishes lovers – don’t know about this. So, it’s definitely educational challenge 😉 Of course I start this challenge.

The oldest nail polish in my collection it’s – shown in the picture above – Lancome No. 190. I don’t remember, when exactly I bought this nail polish, but it was between 1995 and 1997. So this nail polish have 17, 18 or even 20 Years.

najstarszy lakier do paznokci w mojej kolekcji

I was pretty sure, that this nail polish will be a little bit thickened, so I was very suprised, cause he was very thin. Maybe was thin from beginning, but unfortunately I don’t remember.

najstarszy lakier do paznokci w mojej kolekcji

I like colour of this nail polish, cause I like gold. Any gold – from bright to old, dirty gold, like this. But I hate nasty brush strokes, so visible in this manicure and because of this I’ll not use this nail polish again. Looking at used in bottle, a few year ago it didn’t bother me. Lancome dried quite a long time, despite the use „Essie Good to Goo” top coat. Probably new top coats not working good with old nail polish formula.

oldest nail polish in my collection – Lancome 190

On the second day I decided to add a little bit new style for this antique 😉 so I add layer of beauty indie Darling Diva Polish – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.

Darling Diva - Love Don't Live Here Anymore

It’s glitter top full of fine golden glitter mixed with larger purple hexagons – sparkly and glowing mix in clear base. This can be worn alone, but better is for layering.

Darling Diva – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

This combination of antiquity with modernity didn’t survived too long – just 3 days. But actually it’s standard time for any mani on my nails. On last photo – macro of glitters.

Darling Diva – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore - macro

At the end of course my invitation for the nail Bloggers :). I’d like to read posts about the oldest nail polishes on collections hatsu-hinoiri, Sabbathy, antiii, Yasinisi, The Wonderful Pinkness Lakieromanii Syli. I hope that one of the invited take a moment to the historical entry and invite to this challenge next Bloggers.


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