Masovia Nail Polish Lovers Club – October meeting

Masovia Nail Polish Lovers Club meeting – October 2015

Actually it’s not a big club, because we are only five. But Dumas’ musketeers were just four, counting with D’Artagnan, and they were able well mess up. Our five don’t mess up, eventually we mix in nail polishes collections and on store shelves with nail polishes.
All we’re addicted to nail polish and probably If not this passion, we couldn’t get to know each other. We live in different places, we do different things and we are in a very different ages.
We met virtually through the nail polish forum –, and a longer period of time we just discussed on this forum.

In November last year we decided to meet in real life, and we met on the occasion of opening first Kiko showroom in Poland. On this first meeting we were a four – MadAsAHatter (unfortunately she abandoned writing a blog, but I hope she starts blogging again), poison, ali-x and me 😉
We spoke so well that a few hours have passed completely unnoticed. At the end of the meeting we decided that we will arrange next chatting soon. From that moment we meet regularly once a month. (więcej…)

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