trade fair September 2015 - shopping

In September, the first time I went to the Beauty Forum & Spa trade fairs. A long, long time ago, it happened to me visit beauty fair organized in the Palace of Culture and Science.
This time I went to the fair especially for buy nail polishes in promotional prices.

trade fair Beauty Forum September 2015 - shopping Orly
From promotional baskets I chose a few Orly nail polishes for  10 zł. each: Glam Rock, Skinny Dip, Angel Eyes, Ingenue and Elation Generation.

trade fair Beauty Forum September 2015 - shopping Orly

Rokets Red Glare, Stone Cold, Right Amount of Evil and Oui.

trade fair Beauty Forum September 2015 - shopping Zoya

Shopping from Zoya: Sooki (the most beautiful classic red in my collection – on photo is a little too rosy), Ember Milla, Hudson, Dillon and Rebel.

trade fair Beauty Forum September 2015 - shopping Color Club

Color Club nail polishes from Euro Fashion company, I bought with 20% discount. To my collection, joined beautiful neons: Kapowp, Koo-Koo Cachoo, The Lime Starts Here, Peace, Love and Polish and Mrs. Robinson. Recently, I like neons and I’m going to use them not only in summer. The other two Color Clubs is Wild and Willing and Metamorphosis – very nice duochromes , though effect of the color change isn’t very visible.

trade fair Beauty Forum September 2015 - shopping Misa & China Glaze

Mega Bowl Margarita and China Glaze Orange Pacific and Visions of Grandeur – also from Euro Fashion baskets with nail polishes for 5 zł.

trade fair Beauty Forum September 2015 - nail conditioners shopping

Something for my problematic nails from Kinetics – conditioner nano Rhino Soft & Peeling  (I don’t know if it works, too short I use) and Almond skins Cuticle Essential Oil with beautiful smell of almonds.

trade fair Beauty Forum September 2015 - cosmetics shopping

Hand cream Liv Delano, black soap Nacomi and 3 natural hair cosmetics. I hadn’t heard previously about the Italian company Insight, but ingredients in their cosmetics look very good. I bought shampoo and mask for damaged hair from a series Damaged Hair and conditioner Anti-Frizzi.

September 2015 - shopping Lynnderella

Lynnderella is one of my favourite indie brand from USA to buy in online store and on eBay, their owner specializes in glitter nail polishes. In the photo, my latest glitter treasures gained in promotional price: Seven Swans Swimming, Coup de Coeur and Five Golden Rings.

September 2015 - shopping Pahlish

Another beautiful indie nail polishes – Pahlish: Evergreen, White Moon and Khanbaliq. The release of the new collection on Pahlish store are each month, and new collection replaces previous collection. So you’ll need to hurry with purchases, if some Pahlish nail polish you like.

September 2015 shopping - nail polish, stamping plates, stampers

Treasures from group purchases, organized by my friends. Beautiful stamping plates for stamping on your nails from MoYou London and stampers from B. loves plates and of course nail polishes …

September 2015 - shopping from Harlow & Co

From Canadian store Harlow & Co Glam Polish, Zoom!, Firework  and Pow!, Fast Girls from Colors by Llarowe and Young Thing from KBShimmer.

September 2015 - shopping Bear Pawlish

Another beautiful holographic indie from Bear Pawlish: Potent Potables, Peek A Boo and Clever Boy.

September 2015 - shopping Girly Bits & Indigo Bananas

And more indie nail polish from September purchases. Girly bits: Up All Night to get Lucky and It was the Fireball: Indigo Bananas: Volcanic Corruption, Shrieking teals, The Land of Green Ginger and neon Rubidium Rhod.

September 2015 - shopping polish me silly

Last September indie  – polish me sillyrebelguilty pleasuresurprise mechaos and Citrus twist. Polish me silly is nail polishes created by mother and daughter – they have a beautiful multichromes , interesting glitter and cute thermal polishes. Rebel is the prettiest multichrome, which I saw – the first bottle I gave mom and of course immediately I ordered for myself the second ;).

September 2015 - shopping models own

Shopping from, with attractive 50% discount. Models own nail polishes from Diamond Luxe collection: Radiant Pink Princess Pink, Ascher Blue, Marquise Maroon, Carat Coral and Heart Red.

September 2015 - shopping p2 & Barry M.

Pair of p2  nail polishes: love dramati! and wild! end Barry m. trio: Key LimeBlood Orange and Denim.

And purchases od cosmetics. I have a big stash of various cosmetics and I try not to buy new ones. Because of this cosmetic purchases wasn’t so much.

September 2015 - beGlossy

My cosmetics collection, like every month, increased for the content from BeGlossy box.
September edition of BeGlossy box sparked a little storm in Polish beauty blogosphere. The reason there were large differences between versions of the boxes. In September these versions was 6 with very different value (from 80 to 180 zł.). And it was precisely the reason for the controversy.
I have n’t reason to complain because I received a box with the highest value – version B. I’m satisfied with the almost all – except for one – products.
I’m not satisfied with Boracay Body Cream by Clarena. Perhaps it’s a very good product, but not for someone who doesn’t use body care cosmetics like me.
In my bpx was also a nail polish: Lambre Glamour No 10 – of course with nail polishes I’m almost always pleased. Almost, because once on BeGlossy I got a nasty white pearl…brrr. This time the color was good, not very unique, but I like blue, so every blue nail polish is OK ;).
Beaver Hydro Repair Rescue – hair conditioner regenerating, emollient and moisturizing your hair. For my long hair 40 ml. it’s not much, but I’m always glad with testing new hair cosmetics.
Fluid Foundation Isadora Nude Sensation – a small sample, but the color Nude Almond fortunately fit me.
The most interesting for me are samples of Shiseido cosmetics:

  • Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate – helps boost skin’s multi-defensive powers while helping to strengthen its resistance to day-to-day damage and signs of aging. (5 ml.)
  • Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate – strengthens the delicate skin around the eye area and helps protect against environmental stressors that can lead to wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of aging. (5 ml.)

September 2015 - cosmetics shopping

It’s last September shopping already :).  Regenerating nail serum Max Repairp from evree – reviewed on many blogs. Very nice ingredients, especially for oils fans. From company, whose products I really like –  favorite is the rose oil for face. Unfortunately nail serum isn’t so good as I thought. Till now, after month of use doesn’t help -my nails are still peeling.
Purifying micellar water 2 in 1 for combination to oily skin Sebo Vegetal from Yves Rocher I got from my mom. Micellar water never too much and for sure I’ll use quickly.
At the end – Pure Coconut shampoo by Inecto. This shampoo definitely isn’t good for my hair. I just use it, and my hair are very tangled after using this shampoo. The only good thing about this product is nice, coconut smell. Perhaps my hair don’t tolerate coconut oil, and for others this shampoo will be good.

And this is the end of September shopping entry :).

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